Monday, October 3, 2011

first post everrrrr

welcome to blogging, right? i'm definitely a newb at this, but looking up recipes, gawking at food pictures, and enjoying hilariously true food blog posts has recently become my go-to activity when my normal email and facebook check leave me looking for more. could i be doing more productive things? obviously. like taking online quizzes or posting on discussion boards for my classes. (probably what i should be doing right now...) but wouldn't it be more fun to learn how to layer a zebra cheesecake? or make the perfect apple crisp? or test out some new mashed potato recipe? in my food-centered world, the answer to all of these is YES. a couple years ago, the warning signs started: when you're looking up what to make for dinner while still eating your lunch, when you warn friends that your conversation at this restaurant may just be completely about the restaurant, and when you're about to get a bachelor's degree in hotel, restaurant and tourism management, you just might be a self-proclaimed foodie.

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