Tuesday, October 18, 2011

try to hate fall, i dare you.

it is really hard to hate fall in wisconsin.

the only thing i can think of is that it doesn't last long enough and sometimes it's like we just decided to skip it completely.

when someone says fall, most people think of going back to school, leaves changing, and that thanksgiving is right around the corner.

i think of soup.

for me, it doesn't even need to be cold out to enjoy soup (although it does make it taste a little better somehow). a few months back, i had a craving for soup.

and by a few months back, i mean july.
and by july, i mean 85 degrees outside.
and i wanted soup.

so i cranked the AC, threw a hoodie on and made soup. and it was awesome.

but today, i threw a hoodie on because it was cold outside (not inside thankfully), and made some butternut squash soup with sweet potato rye croutons.

and uh! it was great. 
i got the recipe from a picture on foodgawker (surprise surprise) but changed it a little bit.

  it still turned out pretty great especially with my addition of the sweet potato rye croutons, courtesy of the amazing bread guy at the menomonie farmer's market. :)

i have just three little wishes for this recipe for next time i make it.
1. i wish for a blender big enough to hold all of the soup. blending in batches is not fun.
2. i wish to toast my little croutons more. baking for longer instead of broiling quickly would've made them stay crunchy longer in the soup once i mixed them in.
3. i wish i didn't have to clean up my mess. :(

p.s. if anyone would like the recipes for what i make on here, just ask. i normally get an idea with a recipe and then adjust as i go. but i would definitely be able to type up a loose recipe of what i created!